Project “Master Thesis” 2 – Basic Unity Setup

Last time I told you about the prerequisites of my project. This time we’ll talk about what to do first in Unity when creating a new project thats designed to work with Microsoft’s HoloLens. Continue reading


Project “Master Thesis” #1 – Introduction and Prerequisites

Those who follow my Twitter stream might know that I’m currently working on my master thesis. The goal is to first create a HoloLens application displaying an anatomical structure and then evaluating the mixed reality experience impact on physio and occupational therapists. As you now know what I’ll do, let me tell you how I’m going to do it. Continue reading

Creating a Firefox Web Extension with web-ext

Maybe you saw it: I created a web extension for the popular Firefox Browser – specifically for the Android version of the browser. It does a simple thing (and it’s a fork of a fork of an example extension): The extension changes the user agent string when you browse google. Here’s what I learned on the way. Continue reading


Getting to know: VVVV

What’s VVVV, I hear you ask. VVVV is a great tool, I reply. VVVV is pretty awesome way to prototype – visually. What does that mean? VVVV is based on nodes and connecting nodes. A node can be a a numeric input, a serial monitor (to connect vvvv with your arduino), a Kinect-Interface (to read what the Microsoft Kinect sees), a button, a DirectX Renderer and more. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Let me tell you what I did with VVVV so far. Continue reading


First Arduino Steps – Selecting Resistors

Today, I learned about Arduino and I am amazed, again. I learned about circuits at the very beginning. After that we connected our simple circuit to an Arduino Leonardo and then we played around with analog and digital I/O. While programming for that little device is nothing extraordinary, learning about circuits (especially resistors and why we need them) is – at least for me. Here’s what caught my attention in particular. Continue reading


Killing a Docker Container

As I mentioned, I starting to learn and use Docker. Therefor I followed a nice YouTube tutorial which really gave me a kickstart. However, it seems that the way to terminate a docker container has either changed or was described wrong in this video. So I learned myself by checking what the docker function in PowerShell can do. Continue reading


PHP Development with Docker

I recently started a new project, called NWPublish, and i thought to myself: “Wouldn’t it be nice if i could test it in a sandbox?”. So i tried to find a solution. My first approach was to simply run a linux image (like Damn Small Linux) in VirtualBox and then ftp into that machine by using a bridged adapter. But then I decided to start using Docker and it was a gread decision! Continue reading