PHP Development with Docker

I recently started a new project, called NWPublish, and i thought to myself: “Wouldn’t it be nice if i could test it in a sandbox?”. So i tried to find a solution. My first approach was to simply run a linux image (like Damn Small Linux) in VirtualBox and then ftp into that machine by using a bridged adapter. But then I decided to start using Docker and it was a gread decision!What really helped me was a video on YouTube by Jake Wright. He explained in a very fast way how to start using Docker. My Setup is not very standard but not very complex either. I’m using Windows 10 on a MacBook Pro (mid 2009) as my primary OS without Boot Camp (long story…). Therefor I have issues installing the very native version of Docker for Windows. I have to use Docker Toolbox which actually does what I had in mind in the first place: It uses VirtualBox to run an image of the container OS in a virtual machine. It’s up and running.

I then started coding with Visual Studio Code and testing what I did with Docker and it works just great. Especially with volumes – which were mentioned in the video. There’s no need to set up Linux in a virtual machine or install Xampp on my host machine. It just runs inside a container. Great!


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