[Update] ChromePass Converter

So I decided to switch from Google’s Chrome to Mozilla’s Firefox – primarily because Firefox supports extensions on Android. Transferring most oft Chrome’s contents worked smoothly and without additional tools except for passwords. Passwords required me to use ChromePass which exports passwords from Chrome to XML. Firefox can then import this XML using an extension called Password Exporter. However, their XML formats are not compatible. Hence this converter.

How To

If you already use Chrome and its built in password manager you can skip the first step.

  1. Install Chrome and sync with your Google Account (where your passwords are stored)
  2. Install NirSofts ChromePass
  3. Export the passwords you want using ChromePass to an XML file
  4. Use my converter
  5. Install Firefox and the Extension Password Exporter
  6. Go to Settings > Security > Import Passwords and click on the Button “Import Passwords” within the now opened dialog box
  7. Import the new XML

Step 4 however needs further explanation. Right now the converter is available as a very early Version 0.1 which is not very sophisticated but does its job okay.

  1. Download or pull my converter from github
  2. Edit the file so that the variable $passFile points to the XML file you created with ChromePass
  3. Run the PHP-Script (either on a server environment with LAMP, MAMP or XAMP or via Terminal if you have PHP installed with php converter.php)
  4. Copy the created XML structure and paste it in a blank file, save it as XML In Version 0.2 a new option ($saveFile) was added to automatically save the reformatted XML as a file ($saveFileName). Change those variables if needed.

As you can see, it does what it should but it feels a little clumsy. Maybe a version 0.2 will improve this. As you can see, Version 0.2 improved a little over 0.1 but still is far from polished. Maybe a version 0.3 will change that.

Also, let me know in the comments if a Python version of this converter is wanted!


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